Yellow neon lemon
Yellow neon lemon



Watercolor watermelon

Lemons Dropping Soon!

Welcome to our main squeeze! We like big, bright flavors with a

boom of lemon and a hint of pazazz. We are lovers of lemon, the color purple and most of all natural and fresh ingredients!

Our new site will be dropping soon but in the meantime we would love to get to know you. Tell us about yourself, ask us your lemon questions or send us a funny lemon pun. It may be featured on our socials!

Blue sweet pea watercolor
Cartoon Agave
Flat Illustration of Lavender Flowers

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Making Natural Pop!

Sugar Cane Strong Unbranched Stems Cut and Corded with Pile of Refined Sugar Rested Nearby Vector Illustration
Lemon Balm Mint Twig Watercolor Illustration Cutout